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                                                                     Polymesh protects machined, polished, plated &
                                                                     coated exterior finishes as well as threaded areas.
                                                                     ?	 Multiple sizes available
                                                                     ?	 Available by the roll or cut to desired length
                                                                     ?	 Available in sleeves or flat sheets
                                                                     ?	 Colour-coded to distinguish dimensional sizes
                                                                     ?	 Offers ideal protection for products that are

                                                                         irregularly shaped or sized
                                                                     ?	 Material: Low-density polyethylene

                                                            PLASTIC TUBING
                                                                Transparent Packaging

                                                                     Plastic tubes are the ‘clear’ choice for protecting and
                                                                     displaying your products.
                                                                     ?	 Sealed bottom containers or open-ended tubes
                                                                     ?	 Lengths of containers or tubes are run to your

                                                                         specific requirements
                                                                     ?	 Decorating options include: offset printing, silk

                                                                         screening and label application
                                                                     ?	 Available in square, oval, rectangular and


                                                            SPACERS & WASHERS
                                                                Load Distributing Washers

                                                                     Spacers, washers, shoulder washers, bushings,
                                                                     screw insulators and stand-offs.
                                                                     ?	 Sizes from .062” through 6”
                                                                     ?	 Used as washers, bushings, bearings, rollers

                                                                         and glides
                                                                     ?	 Available in black or white
                                                                     ?	 Molded or machined in plastic, nylon or rubber

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