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                                                           TAPES & DOTS
                                                                High Temperature Masking

                                                                     Manufactured with a silicone pressure-sensitive
                                                                     adhesive and available in a variety of thicknesses.
                                                                     ?	 Widths from 1/2” to 6”
                                                                     ?	 Ideal for applications where standard caps and

                                                                         plugs cannot be used efficiently
                                                                     ?	 Die cutting available
                                                                     ?	 Multiple thicknesses, widths and material

                                                                         options available
                                                                     ?	 Usable temperatures up to 600°F (316°C)

                                                                Metal Hooks

                                                                     Light duty and heavy duty hooks are constructed
                                                                     from cold drawn spring steel.
                                                                     ?	 Multiple shapes and thicknesses to hang any

                                                                     ?	 Primarily used for paint-lines, powder coating

                                                                         and e-coating
                                                                     ?	 Weight capacity to 220lbs
                                                                     ?	 Various shapes including: S, C, V, CV
                                                                     ?	 Solid metal to metal contact

                                                           CABLE TIES
                                                                Nylon Ties & Accessories

                                                                     Our cable tie line offers a wide variety of designs,
                                                                     lengths and tensile strengths to choose from.
                                                                     ?	 Vast array of sizes and colours available
                                                                     ?	 All sizes available in natural nylon and black

                                                                         with UV inhibitor for outdoor use
                                                                     ?	 UL, CSA and Mil-Spec approved products
                                                                     ?	 Available in standard, low-profile or mounting

                                                                         hole styles
                                                                     ?	 RoHS compliant

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