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                                          Designed specifically for the medical industry,
                                       the M.G. Series features a synthetic cover over a

                                         pressed steel housing unit to ensure maximum
                                             strength. They perform well even in moist
                                           environments and resist rust and oxidation.

                                         Precision ball bearings in both the swivel head
                                           and wheel allow for a wide range of motion.
                                              Wheel options include TPR and PP core
                                                   and resolute rubber on PP core.

                                                  The combination of advanced soft
                                            thermoplastic rubber wheels and precision

                                               ball bearings provide smooth and quiet
                                                operations. Wheels available in sizes
                                               ranging from 4 - 6 inches in diameter.

           M.G.+ SERIES

                                      M.G.+ Series casters provide a great fit
                                       for most medical center applications,
                                          from beds to carts and everything

                                     in-between. They continue to perform in
                                    various environments including those with
                                    moisture as they resist oxidation and rust.
                                  The combination of a precision ball bearing,
                                  soft thermoplastic rubber wheels and a fiber
                                   reinforced plastic structure provide smooth
                                  and quiet operation. Little to no maintenance

                                      is necessary for optimum performance.
                                           Wheel sizes of 100mm x 32mm

                                         and 125mm x 32mm are available.

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