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For over 25 years, we at FCI Molded Products Inc. have been providing the
     furniture industry with commodity components including levelers, glides and
     casters. Now, in addition to our furniture casters, we are pleased to announce a new
     line of heavy duty caster offerings. High grade medical and institutional casters with
     a wide range of optional features including total locking brakes. Whether you are in
     need of a swivel, rigid, braking, non-marking or a combination, we’re here to help. We
     invite you to take a look at this brief overview of the various lines we are pleased to
     introduce. Detailed specifications regarding measurements, materials and load
     capacities are available through any of our representatives.


     	 Featuring a special yoke design, these institutional designed casters swivel with ease.
     Optional brake pedals are made of high grade fiber-filled plastic on a strength enhanced
     aluminum alloy for maximum durability. Combined with a high performance total lock brake,
     these casters are easily activated and disengaged when necessary. The braking systems
     are offered in 90° directional locks, 180° directional locks and total locks. Multiple bearing
     solutions such as plain bearings, ball bearings and dual ball bearings are also available.

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