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                                                          SFC SERIES
                                                              Split Flange Coupling Caps

                                                                   Protects the face of split flange connections.
                                                                   Internal radius ring allows part to snap into place.
                                                                   ?	 Fits flange sizes 1/2” to 3”
                                                                   ?	 Available for Code 61 or Code 62
                                                                   ?	 Translucent colour allows the O-ring to remain


                                                          VC SERIES
                                                              Vinyl Caps

                                                                   Resistant to tearing, cracking or splitting. Flexible
                                                                   design allows for stretching onto larger dimensions.
                                                                   ?	 Available up to 16” long
                                                                   ?	 Available in any colour
                                                                   ?	 Used to protect bolts, screws, threaded and

                                                                       non-threaded tubes
                                                                   ?	 Inexpensive mask for painting, plating or powder

                                                                       coat processes
                                                                   ?	 Material: PVC vinyl with a high gloss finish

                                                          SVC SERIES
                                                              Square Vinyl Caps

                                                                   Designed to act as an end cap, while vinyl material
                                                                   resists tearing, cracking or splitting.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes to fit 1/4” square to 4” square
                                                                   ?	 Available in lengths up to 8”
                                                                   ?	 High gloss material is great for decorative

                                                                   ?	 Available in any colour
                                                                   ?	 Material: PVC vinyl with a high gloss finish

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