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                                                          FLC SERIES
                                                              Flanged Long Caps

                                                                   Designed for applications where thread length or
                                                                   product design requires additional protection.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes from 1/4” to 4” diameter
                                                                   ?	 Lengths available up to 8”
                                                                   ?	 Fits standard threaded and non-threaded fittings

                                                                       or smooth round tubing
                                                                   ?	 Material: Red low-density polyethylene

                                                          TC SERIES
                                                              Tear Caps

                                                                   Easy to use tear-tab caps employ friction for snug fit.
                                                                   To remove, simply pull tear-tab and discard.
                                                                   ?	 Thread sizes from 3/8”-24 to 2-1/2”-12
                                                                   ?	 NPT sizes from 1/8”-27 to 2”-11-1/2
                                                                   ?	 Protects threads from damage
                                                                   ?	 Material: Natural or blue low-density


                                                          STC SERIES
                                                              Standard Threaded Caps

                                                                   Created to protect straight threads on studs and
                                                                   fittings. Ideal mask for painting and plating.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes to fit 3/8”-24 to 1-7/8”-12 threads
                                                                   ?	 Applicable specs include MIL-C-52075

                                                                       and NAS-832
                                                                   ?	 Rolled threads allows the cap to either push

                                                                       or thread on
                                                                   ?	 Material: Blue low-density polyethylene

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