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                                                      T SERIES

                                                              Tapered Caps and Plugs
                                                                   Protects against damage, dirt, moisture and
                                                                   corrosion during storage and shipping.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes from .057” to 13.600”
                                                                   ?	 Tapered design fits multiple diameters
                                                                   ?	 Closure can be used as a cap or a plug
                                                                   ?	 Used in threaded ports, pipes, metal tubing and

                                                                       cardboard mailing tubes
                                                                   ?	 Material: Red low-density polyethylene

                                                          P SERIES
                                                              Pull Plugs - Tapered

                                                                   Our P Series provides product protection with easy
                                                                   removal via the pull tab.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes from 1/4” to 3-1/2”
                                                                   ?	 Plugs feature a built in pull tab
                                                                   ?	 3 styles available

                                                                       	 - Ring Pull
                                                                       	 - Side Tab
                                                                       	 - Center Tab
                                                                   ?	 Material: Red low-density polyethylene

                                                      SC SERIES

                                                              Straight Cap
                                                                   Used for product protection and for masking during
                                                                   painting, plating and sandblasting operations.
                                                                   ?	 Sizes to fit 1/8” to 5”
                                                                   ?	 Designed to cover outside diameters
                                                                   ?	 For threaded or non-threaded tubes, rods

                                                                       and fittings
                                                                   ?	 Material: Red low-density polyethylene

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