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                         KNOBS, LEVERS & HANDLES                                PAGE 69-70

                         FCI has a very broad selection of control knobs for every application. From T-style
                         to 3, 4 & 5 point star knobs in varying types of plastics. These knobs come with
                         studs or internal threads in both imperial and metric. Knobs can be over-molded
                         with a soft touch material to create a comfortable, non-slip gripping surface.
                         If you don’t see what you need in our catalog please inquire as we have many
                         styles not in this catalog. FCI is capable of custom manufacturing any control
                         knob or handle you may require in an assortment of materials and sizes.


Insert glides are designed to ?t inside your tubing leaving a practically
invisible closure. We have glides for almost every size and shaped tubing
whether it’s round, square, oval or rectangular. Also in this section you will
?nd bumpers and plastic threaded adapters for any application. FCI will also
custom mold any insert glide from a multitude of materials in any color.

                         CUSTOM MOLDING & DIE-CASTING                           PAGE 81-84

                         FCI has become one of the largest suppliers of custom molded plastic parts and
                         zinc / aluminum die-cast parts. From as low as $1000.00 we can create a custom tool
                         to produce your uniquely designed part for any application. You design the part and
                         send us a drawing, sketch or sample of what you want and we will make it. Small
                         minimum quantities allow anyone to make custom parts. Pre-production samples are
                         supplied for approval prior to any production run. Parts can be molded from any plastic
                         material or die-cast from zinc or aluminum. FCI can also supply stamped metal parts
                         from CRS or any other sheet metal material upon request.

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