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The mission of FCI Molded Products Inc. is to provide our customers with high quality Products and superior service.  To fulfill this mission we must accomplish the following:

  • Select staff that understand and are completely dedicated to the FCI mission.

  • Provide an environment of continuous learning.

  • Encourage and reward innovation and suggestions of improvement.

  • Understand our customer’s needs and respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.

Our goal is to continually be the benchmark to which our competitors strive to attain.

In the late “80’s” in an effort to expand its product base, Accurate Fasteners Ltd. a major fastener supplier to the furniture industry, conducted a survey.  The following question was asked: What product line that you presently purchase is giving you the biggest problem. The answer was overwhelmingly, CAPS, GLIDES & LEVELERS.

The problem was not quality but simply supply. No one was carrying sufficient inventory to satisfy the “just in time” demands of the industry.  Accurate Fasteners Ltd. reacted quickly and was soon appointed the stocking distributor for a major manufacturer of these products. This arrangement proved so successful that it soon became necessary to separate this product line from the fastener division to maintain the high level of service their customers had come to expect.


Today F.C.I ( FCI Molded Products Inc.) is the largest stocking distributor of CAPS, GLIDES & LEVELERS in Canada and as result of it’s huge inventory and beneficial exchange rates, sales to the United States will soon exceed those to Canada.  F.C.I. owns the tooling for most of the plastic and nylon parts it sells and in addition to standard parts, manufactures hundreds of special colors and custom parts for it’s many customers.

FCI Molded Products Inc. will provide a product in compliance with the technical needs of its valued customers that is reliable and competitively priced.  Emphasis is on managing and conducting business, which focuses on the customer and provides excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

The goal of FCI Molded Products Inc. is to achieve and maintain the status as a world leader in the furniture industry by developing and implementing policies supporting consistent customer focus and continuous improvement. Senior management will demonstrate corporate leadership towards excellence in customer service and quality products by supporting the policies and procedures of the ISO 9002:94 Quality Program and by providing and encouraging employee training.  Policies will be developed and implemented to encourage and facilitate the development and distribution of new products.

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